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1 December
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adult fairy tales, altar, altars, alternative lifestyles, an mhor rioghain, ancestors, anne bishop, archetypes, art, bdsm, bdsm icons, bitch goddess, body modification, bondage, buddhist, chalice, collars, compassion, courage, crows, csi:lv, d/s, dancing in the void, devotional, devotional writing, discipline, dominance, dragons, einherjar, energy work, feral holiness, flogging, freyja, functional multiplicity, gags, guinevere, hades, handcuffs, healthy multiplicity, hecate, heretics, initiation, inner journeys, integrity, interfaith dialogue, irish mythology, journeying, knife play, kundalini, kushiel, kushiel's, labyrinths, legends, mediation, multiples, mythology, nipple clamps, norse paganism, northern tradition, obedience, ordeal masters, ordeal path, ordeal work, ordeals, paganism, passion, past lives, pathworking, piercings, pleasure, poly, polyamory, polytheism, power exchange, prayer beads, priestessing, qadishtu, quests, raven kaldera, ravens, reincarnation, religious studies, ritual, ritual candles, ritual magic, ritual sex, rough sex, runes, sacred marriage, sacred pleasure, sacred sex, sacred sexuality, sacrifice, sensation play, seraglios, service, sex, sex magic, sex magick, sexual fantasies, shamanism, shrines, slave, spirit companions, spirit journeys, spirit lovers, spirits, spiritual altar work, spiritual direction, spirituality, statues, storytelling, submission, submissive, surrender, switching, temple prostitutes, temple prostitution, the erotic, the erotic as power, the hanged man, the morrigan, the morrighan, the morrígan, the underworld, theology, tiwaz, traditional, traditional gaelic culture, transformation, trust, tudors, underworld journeys, walking between worlds, warrior goddesses, warriors, whips, whores, wicca, witch, witchcraft, witches, wolves, worship, writing, yoga